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  • Good morning to you sir, I believe you can still remembered that logo, the pride art of Benin kingdom

    1 February 2nd 2018 Gossips

  • Fuel Scarcity? Why again?

    8 February 1st 2018 Breaking News
  • Welcome Jesse Onwochei To The USA

    7 February 1st 2018 Breaking News
  • His name? Jesse Onwochei. He hails from the Midwestern part of Nigeria. He studied mathematics at one of Nigeria's most prestigious university in Edo State. 

    Jesse is an ambitious your man who intends to attain the heights of his education here in the USA. In an inter...

  • Merry Christmas

    1 January 30th 2018 Entertainment
  • Ooh Yea

    2 January 24th 2018 Breaking News
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